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SuperDiet System is a real working system that only works if you listen and make simple changes to your daily life. Please don’t keep trying different diets since you know they don’t work.  They are all different and they don’t teach you what, how much, and what kinds of foods to really eat. They also don’t tell you that all it takes is to go shopping in your grocery store for stomach fat burning foods.

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 Do you have a serious desire to want to lose stomach excess fat and are on the verge of giving up simply because you have tried a variety of techniques that just have not done this for you?, then the honest answer is please do not give up just yet simply because there is a lot of success with the real information first. Not what the diet companies tell just simple changes you make into your life first.

SuperDiet System by Caleb Lee is one of a kind and has helped many people not just lose weight but also strength training and karate as well. I know what you’re thinking if I start to lose my stomach fat it will all come back right? You will lose all your stomach fat and always be in shape if you listen and watch Caleb.

The truth is that to lose stomach excess fat you really do need a weight loss dietary plan that can suppress your appetite and quit your over eating, but can also begin breaking down the excess fat deposits around your stomach and then flush them out.


For most of us our stomach fat is very hard to get rid of because we simply don’t know how at all to be honest. For most of us trying to lose stomach excess fat, eliminating certain meals and frequently doing exercise just will not cut it, it requires much more effort and dedication but is easy once you understand how.

Now do not get me wrong, of course your physique will always be helped by cutting down sugars and fats.

Your physique will also benefit from you taking some normal exercise, but right on top of the list is the reality that your physique will benefit a lot more if you first flush out the excess fat deposits around your stomach.

Excess fat deposits are challenging to get rid of once they are allowed to build up, to lose stomach fat you have to directly target these excess fat stores and that requires specialized assist.

That’s where a weight loss SuperDiet system comes into your plan. Start a plan from Caleb Lee SuperDiet that will target your stomach excess fat and you are virtually assured the success you are looking for.

So when the excess fat is absent, you will find that you can not only wear the latest fashions, but you will also be proud of yourself. Plus you will get rid of all your flab?

You can start today and change your physique and lose stomach excess fat!


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  1. I just checked my Pay Pal account. The money has been taken out BUT nothing has been down loaded to my e-mail.
    When will it be sent?

    Ray Bell

  2. Hi Caleb,
    I could use some further help down loading your material to my computer. It’s not as easy as you make it seem.



  3. Submitted on 2011/08/30 at 8:23 pm | In reply to Ray Bell.

    Hi Mark
    Did you check your spam folder?
    If it’s not there please call 1-800-390-6035 and explain to the rep what happened and they will take care of this right there on the spot.
    Or you can go here, to look up the order number yourself.

  4. I took your email out of my spam and read it and was very interested.I filled out the form to get the material but put in my credit card no. Capital One and was rejected.Is there another way of dealing with this. I am very interested.You can reach me at Thanks

  5. Listened to your video.Very impressed.Filled out the form to buy it for the $51.00 .I entered my only credit card no. which is Capital One it was rejected.Is there another way of me paying for this.I don’t want to loose oot on the offer.Thanks Marilynn

  6. I ordered the superdiet system in November. I would like to cancel it. How do I do this? I can’t find anywhere that tells me how to contact the company. Thank You

  7. You need to check your email for the first email you got from clickbank. Find that email and click on support link inside the email.

  8. Money taken from Pay Pal…no download. As instructed…..checked…not in Spam. Called 1-800-390-6035, and was told they had nothing to do with helping with downloading. The gentleman said he would send you an email and he sent me a confirmation for both charges. He told me to wait a few hours and your info to download would be in my email. Nothing from Super Diet System.

    I have both order numbers, but hesitate to put them in this public-view email.

    Help! Now what do I do?
    Looking forward to starting Super Diet System asap. Thank you

  9. That’s a problem with paypal I don’t like paypal and they seem to have left you with no redirect page? It goes right to the download page when ordering with credit card but sometimes with paypal they have broken code. Wait for clickbank to give you the download page they are very good with this type of thing and you will see an email from them within 1 day. Stay away from paypal there are other things you don’t even know about that are much worse.

  10. I write my own articles and if you are into weight loss or strength training as a passion let me know we could work something out?

  11. You are using spintax software to make your words unreadable??? You need to pay people to write real articles since people will see this and click away fast and lower your ranks. When are you people ever going to learn?

  12. I see you want to link to my website, well you have a small site and hopefully you are hot a spammer of any kind? Keep your writing all unique and NEVER spin words together search engines and people hate it!

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